Powered Crawlspace VentBoost your foundation's Ventilation!

Powered Crawlspace Vent

The Lomanco® Powered Crawlspace Vent, PCV1, is a quick and simple solution for under-ventilated crawlspaces.


The PCV1 upgrades your present foundation vent and dries the crawlspace gradually. The PCV1 is made of tough polypropylene construction. A single PCV1 ventilates 1650 cubic feet.

Easy Installation

The PCV1 mounts behind an existing foundation vent for invisible operation and offers easy installation in a variety of constructions.

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Lomanco® Powered Crawlspace Vent PCV-1

  • Quiet 110 CFM ball bearing motor.
  • Humidity sensor for worry free operation.
  • Thermostat shuts fan off at low temperatures.
  • U.L. approved means assured safety.
  • Can help stop mold growth.
  • Upgrades your present foundation vent.
  • One year limited warranty.

Lomanco® Powered Crawlspace Vent Instructions

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Lomanco® Powered Crawlspace Vent Information

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Lomanco® Powered Crawlspace Vent Specifications

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Model Colors Size (in.) Description Ventilates in Cubic feet QTY. CTN. WT. CTN. (lbs.)
PCV1 BL 9 x 19 x3 Polypropylene Plastic Powered Crawlspace Vent 1650 6 27.25

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