Omni-Wall VentFor where a roof meets a wall.

Turbine installation

The Lomanco® Omni-Wall™ Shingle Over Vent offers functional ventilation for where your roof joins a wall. The OW-4 may also be used in a contemporary shed roof (mono-slope/single-slope) application.


The OW-4 is designed for maximum weather protection, offering internal aerodynamic curved baffles with external perpendicular omni baffles. An external water shield and four drain holes per foot are also incorporated into the design of the vent. The OW-4 offers 9 square inches of Net Free Area per linear foot and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Easy Installation

The OW-4 is designed to fit any roof pitch from a 2/12 to a 16/12. Installation is made easy with supported nail holes, molded nail lines, alignment tabs, slot width guide lines, and molded-in end plugs.

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Lomanco® Omni-Wall™ Model OW-4

  • Internal aerodynamic curved baffles.
  • External perpendicular omni baffles.
  • Weatherproof underlapping joint.
  • Four drain holes per foot.
  • 9” Net Free Area per linear foot.
  • External venturi baffle.
  • Pre-formed to 3/12 pitch.
  • Supported nail holes.
  • Molded nail lines.
  • Alignment tabs.
  • External water shield.
  • Slot width guide lines.
  • Molded-in endplug fits all roof pitches.
  • High grade, high impact UV resistant material.
  • Designed for maximum weather protection.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Lomanco® Omni-Wall™ Vent Instructions

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Lomanco® Omni-Wall™ Vent Information

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Lomanco® Omni-Wall™ Vent Specifications

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Model Color LTH. (ft.) NFA (in.2) CTN. QTY. CTN. WT. (lbs.)
OW-4 Black 4 36 10 Sections/40 ft. 22.9

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