Lomanco® CupolaFor both decoration and ventilation


The Lomanco® DRB-24 Cupolaoffers an elegant answer to your ventilation needs. The DRB-24 is made of all aluminum construction. A built in rain shield and an 8x8 perma-coated screen are engineered into the design to assure maximum weather protection. WUI product information.


The 24" x 24" x 24" DRB-24 has a vari-pitch base that adjusts from a 2/12 to a 6/12 roof pitch and has a Net Free Area of 254 square inches. It is installed over a 17" x 17" hole, straddling the roof peak. Weather vanes are also available in four styles and are sold separately.


Weather Vane Features

  • Cast aluminum with black enamel finish.
  • Four styles available.
  • Weather vanes include: ornament pole and directional.
  • Measures 12.25" high and arrow under the main figure is 18.5" long.
  • Clutch bases are available from Lomanco on special order for use on pitch roof when not using a cupola.

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