Standard Power VentsAll Aluminum Construction

Turbine installation

Lomanco® Standard Power Vents are designed for quiet operation and high volume air removal.

Lomanco offers two styles of electric power vents- the Lomancool™ 2000and the Add-A-Vent 1800. The 2000 is a roof mount power vent and the 1800 is designed to be mounted behind an existing vent to add powered ventilation to a gable.

Common Features

Lomanco® Power Vents are made of all aluminum construction. Other common features include a 5 year limited warranty, balanced fan blades for quiet operation, and an American made motor. An optional humidistat is available for both the 2000 and the 1800. The Lomancool™ 2000TH comes equipped with an adjustable thermostat/humidistat combo control to accommodate individual attic humidity levels.

The Lomancool™ 2000 and Lomancool™ 2000TH are also available in copper.

Easy Installation

Lomanco® Power Vents are equipped with an adjustable thermostat that features a “push to test” button that allows homeowners to make sure the unit is operating properly.

Canadian Customers: The Lomanco 2000TH (thermostat/humidistat combo) is not available in Canada. The Lomanco 2000 can be ordered with the optional humidistat, this humidistat is separate and requires wiring into the Lomanco 2000 unit. Installation instructions are included with the humidistat.

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Lomanco® Lomancool™ 2000

  • Deep drawn flange and unique rain shield keep water out.
  • Factory-set adjustable thermostat (switches on at 100 degrees and off at 85 degrees).
  • Adjustable humidistat settings are: minimum 80%, normal 42%, and maximum 20%.
  • 8x8 aluminum screen attached for insect protection.
  • 2000TH model equipped with thermostat/humidistat combo switch.
  • 2000, 2000TH; WUI product information.
  • 5 year limited warranty.

Lomanco® Add-A-Vent 1800

  • Factory-set adjustable thermostat (switches on at 100 degrees and off at 85 degrees).
  • Can be mounted in horizontal or vertical positions on either 16" or 24" on center framing members.
  • Optional humidistat is adjustable to fit individual attic humidity levels.
  • Designed to mount behind existing gable louver.
  • 5 year limited warranty.

Lomanco® Power Vent Instructions

Model Name Description Link
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OSV-40 Omni Solar Vent Tile Roof Installation  /></a>
2000 Lomancool Power Vent  /></a>
2000TH Lomancool TH Power Vent with TH  /></a>
Humid 2000/1800 Humidistat Wiring Diagram  /></a>
2000 Lomancool Motor Motor Replacement  /></a>
1800 Add-A-Vent Gable Vent  /></a>

Lomanco® Power Vent Information

Lit# Title Product Line Link
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Lomanco® Power Vent Specifications

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Model Color Volt Amp HP RPM Base (in.) Fan Blade Dia (in.) WT (lbs.)
2000 MF -WH -BR -BL -WB 120
one tenth 1100 20 x
5 12 14.5
2000 Copper 120
one tenth 1100 20 x
5 12 21.25
2000TH MF -WH -BR -BL -WB 120
one tenth 1100 20 x
5 12 15.75
2000TH Copper 120
one tenth 1100 20 x
5 12 22.5
1800 MF 120
one tenth 1100 - 5 12 8.5
OSV40 WH -BR -BL -WB - - - 33.5 x
5 14 33

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