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Intake installation

The new Lomanco Deck-Air® Intake Vent is now available!The Deck-Air™, Model DA-4, is a shingle over roof deck installed intake vent, for detailed information on this exciting new product, please visit our Deck-Air™ specialty page.

Inadequate intake is the #1 cause of attic ventilation system failure. Specifically, inadequate intake results in extreme heat buildup in the summer and severe weather infiltration and moisture problems in the winter.

The intake system must provide as much as or more than the exhaust system in Net Free Area.

Proper vent chutes should be installed before blown-in insulation to prevent choking your intake system. A good rule of thumb is to place one between each set of rafter tails in order to maximize intake air.

If maintenance free vinyl/metal under eave panels are used, the vented panels should be installed continuously around the under eave portion of the house.

If the under eave width prohibits the use of cornice or strip vents— neveruse an exhaust louver as an intake vent. The most logical solution would be to install SV-10 Starter Vent or the Deck-Air™ Roof Deck Installed Intake Vent.

The 105 Continuous Soffit Vent, SV-10 Starter Vent, and CV-4 Cirk-L-Vents are also available in copper.

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Lomanco® Deck-Air™ Intake Vent

  • Roof deck installed intake vent: Can be installed on or off roof edge.
  • Constructed from the same durable, long lasting material as Omni Series vents.
  • Perfect for homes built with little or no overhang.
  • Unique design provides enhanced weather protection.
  • Optional specialty use as an off ridge exhaust vent.
  • CSA approved.
  • WUI product information.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty.
  • Visit Deck-Air™ specialty page.

Lomanco® SV-10 Continuous Drip Edge Soffit Vent

  • Offers two products in one: incorporates both drip edge vent and continuous soffit vent.
  • All-aluminum construction.
  • Perfect for homes built with little or no overhang.
  • Can be cut to desired length at any point.
  • The SV-10 is also available in copper.

Lomanco® C-Series Cornice Vents

  • All-aluminum construction.
  • 8x8 perma-coated aluminum screen attached.
  • Pre-drilled nail holes.
  • Unique "Eyebrow" designed louvers provide maximum ventilating capacity with superior weather protection.
  • Cornice-mounted companion product for all types of exhaust ventilators.

Lomanco® Continous Soffit Vents

  • Pneumatic nail gun or hammer installed.
  • External venturi baffle.
  • Weatherproof underlapping joint.
  • External water shield.
  • Molded centerline for fast and easy alignment.

Lomanco® Cirk-L-Vents

  • All-aluminum construction.
  • 18x16 aluminum screen attached (except for D-16 which has louvers only—no screen).
  • Unique "Eyebrow" designed louvers provide maximum ventilating capacity with superior weather protection.
  • Prevents paint peeling by removing moisture from wall cavities.
  • Provides an outlet for air movement in small confined spaces.
  • Easy installation (drill and pop in).

Lomanco® Intake Vent Instructions

Model Name Description Link
All Intake Considerations Information on Intake  /></a>
105 Continuous Soffit Vent New Construction Install  /></a>
105 Continuous Soffit Vent Existing Construction Install  /></a>
140 Continuous Soffit Vent New and Existing Construction Install  /></a>
190 Continuous Soffit Vent New Construction Install  /></a>
190 Continuous Soffit Vent Existing Construction Install  /></a>
SV-10 Continuous Drip Edge Soffit Vent Starter Vent  /></a>
DA-4 Deck-Air™ Intake Vent Roof Edge and Off Roof Edge Install  /></a>

Lomanco® Intake Vent Information

Lit# Title Product Line Link
196 Lomanco Catalog All  /></a>
394 Ventilation Guide All  /></a>
291 3 Must Do Flyer All  /></a>
193 Going Green Flyer All  /></a>
292 Comic Ventilation Flyer All  /></a>
1097 Shingle Void All  /></a>
459 Deck-Air® Flyer Roof Vents  /></a>

Lomanco® Intake Vent Specifications

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Lomanco® Shingle Over Intake Vents

Model Color Length (ft.) NFA (in.2) CTN. QTY. CTN. WT. (lbs.)
DA-4 Black 4 36 10 Sections/40 ft. 32.5

Lomanco® C-Series and Circle Vents

Model Color Specs Overall Size (in) Hole Size (in.) NFA (in.2) Inner CTN. QTY. CTN. QTY. CTN. WT. (lbs.)
C416 MF -WH -BR Screen & Louvers 4 x 16 3 x 15 25 12 72 13.25
C616 MF -WH -BR Screen & Louvers 6 x 16 5 x 15 37 12 72 19
C816 MF -WH -BR Screen & Louvers 8 x 16 7 x 15 65 12 72 23.5
CR-8 MF -WH -BR Screen & Louvers 8 Dia. 7 Dia. 13 12 36 5.25
L-38 MF -WH -BR Screen & Louvers 3 2.5 1.63 6 72 2.75
C-25 MF -WH -BR Screen only 3.1875 2.5 2.34 6 72 2.25
P-18 MF -WH -BR Screen & Louvers 1 0.75 0.2 6 72 0.75
D-16 MF -WH -BR Louver only 1 0.75 0.44 6 72 0.5
CV-4 MF -WH -BR-WB Screen & Louvers 4.5 4 3 - 36 2.75
CV-4 Copper Screen & Louvers 4.5 4 3 - 36 8
CV-3 MF -WH -BR Screen & Louvers 3.5 3 2.57 6 72 3.5
CV-2 MF -WH -BR Screen & Louvers 2.25 2 1.5 6 72 2
CV-1 MF -WH -BR Screen & Louvers 1.25 1 0.23 6 72 0.75

Lomanco® Continuous Soffit vents

Model Color Length (ft.) Width (in.) NFA (in.2) CTN. QTY. WT. CTN (lbs.)
105 MF -WH -BR 8 2.75 72 36 21.5
105 Copper 8 2.75 72 15 28.5
140 MF -WH -BR 8 3.75 88 36 28.5
190 MF -WH -BR 8 2.375 72 36 22.25
SV-10 MF -WH -BR BL-WB 10 - 63 10 28.25
SV-10 Copper 10 - 63 5 36.25


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