TileIntake® invisible and functional

Turbine installation

The Lomanco® TileIntake® IV-9 vent provides proper and functional intake of your attic space for tile roofs. The unique design and installation method insures complete invisibility. The IV-9 works on all tile roofs with use of a batten system.


The TileIntake® vent has excellent airflow design with superior weather protection and no filter to clog. Each vent features interlocking self alignment designs with weatherproof over lapping joints. The TileIntake® can be used with any exhaust vent that provides the proper amount of NFA for a balanced ventilation system. If possible, Lomanco recommends using the TileRidge® exhaust vent with the TileIntake® intake vent for a complete Tile Roof Ventilation system.


The TileIntake® vent is installed underneath the tiles and gets outside make-up air from the airspace between the roof tiles and the roof decking. A constant air supply is provided to this space from the permeability of the tile roof itself. The Tile Roof Institute states, “Natural air ventilation under the tile creates a heat transfer barrier that can provide the benefit of a cooler house in the summer and a warmer house in the winter.” The Lomanco® TileIntake® not only utilizes this natural air ventilation, but will also increase the circulation of the air in the batten space. This will influence the dispersion of moisture and energy performance of the roof.

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Lomanco® TileIntake® Model IV-9

  • Complete invisibility when installed.
  • Aerodynamically curved internal baffles to minimize wind resistance.
  • Excellent airflow design with superior weather protection and no filter to clog.
  • Tough durable construction.
  • Interlocking self alignment design with weatherproof over lapping joint.
  • Quick, easy installation.
  • Works on all tile roofs with use of a batten system.
  • 9” Net Free Area per linear foot.
  • Supported molded in nail holes.
  • Molded-in weep openings, nail holes and end plug.
  • Cut line provided for two foot lengths.
  • Engineered material guarantees longevity.
  • 30 year transferable warranty.
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Lomanco® TileIntake® Section View

Lomanco® TileIntake® Vent Instructions

Model Name Description Link
TRV-4 TileRidge Ridge vent for tile roofs  /></a>
IV-9 TileIntake Intake vent for tile roofs  /></a>

Lomanco® TileIntake® Vent Information

Lit# Title Product Line Link
196 Lomanco Catalog All  /></a>
394 Ventilation Guide All  /></a>
291 3 Must Do Flyer All  /></a>
193 Going Green Flyer All  /></a>
292 Comic Ventilation Flyer All  /></a>
456 TRV-4 Tile Roof Ridge Vent Fly Tile Ridge Vents  /></a>
457 IV-9 Tile Roof Intake Vent Fly Tile Roof  /></a>
458 Tile Roof Permeability Flyer Tile Roof  /></a>

Lomanco® TileIntake® Vent Specifications

Model LTH. (ft.) NFA (in.2) CTN. QTY. WT. CTN. (lbs.)
TRV-4 4 36 12 Sections or 48 ft 20
IV-9 4 36 12 Sections or 48 ft. 20.25

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