Lo-OmniRidge® for flat concrete tile

Turbine installation

Lomanco® Lo-OmniRidge™ vent, the LOR9-4, is ideal for flat tile roof applications.

The Lomanco® Lo-OmniRidge™, and all Omni Series Shingle Over Ridge Vents come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. The engineered material guarantees it will last as long as any shingles you use.

Common Features

Other common features of Omni Series Ridge Vents are the air flow acceleration design, which maximizes ventilation capacity, along with the internal aerodynamic curved baffles and external perpendicular omni baffles, which maximize weather protection. External omni baffles allow air flow from any direction while the internal baffles maintain superior weather protection and performance with no filter to clog. Each Omni Series Ridge Vent design is field tested and proven effective under all weather conditions.

Easy Installation

Installation of Omni Series Ridge Vents is fast and easy and will fit any roof pitch from a 2/12 to a 16/12. The Omni Series Ridge Vents feature supported nail holes every foot and will not crush down. Molded-in visual nail lines and center lines along with the patented fan-folded end plugs mean no accessories, connectors or alterations are needed.

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Lomanco® Lo-OmniRidge™ Flat Tile Roof Vent

  • Pneumatic nail gun or hammer installed.
  • External venturi baffle.
  • Weatherproof underlapping joint.
  • External water shield.
  • Molded centerline for fast and easy alignment.

Lomanco® Lo-OmniRidge™ Flat Tile Vent Instructions

Model Name Description Link
LOR9-4 Tile Lo-OmniRidge Flat Tile Ridge Vent  /></a>

Lomanco® Lo-OmniRidge™ Flat Tile Vent Information

Lit# Title Product Line Link
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Lomanco® Lo-OmniRidge™ Flat Tile Vent Specifications

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Model Color LTH. (ft.) NFA (in.2) CTN. QTY. CTN. WT. (lbs.)
LOR9-4 Black 4 44 10 Sections/40 ft. 17
LOR9-4FR Black 4 44 10 Sections/40 ft. 17

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