Exhaust Vent AdapterFits both 3"& 4" Duct

EVA-34 installation

The EVA-34 works with any Static Roof Vent while blending with existing accessories. The EVA-34 is designed to fit a 3” or 4” flexible duct.

The EVA Combo Ventis a Lomanco® 730 Static Roof Vent that comes with an EVA-34 adapter.


The EVA-34 is ideal for new construction and can be a solution for existing homes as well.

The EVA-34 can be installed from the top of the roof deck or from inside the attic to the Static Roof Vent or to a Cornice Vent in the soffit area.

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EVA-34 Vent Adapter

  • Exhaust vent adapter fits 3" or 4" flexible duct.
  • Installs from top of deck or inside of attic to roof vent or cornice vent.
  • Exhausts household moisture.
  • Tested for all climates.
  • Built in damper prevents backdraft.
  • Works with any roof system.
  • Ideal for new construction.
  • Solution for existing homes.
  • Blends with existing accessories.
  • 10” nailing flange.
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Model Color Vent Overall Dimension (in.) Adapter Overall Dimension (in.) Adapter Size (in.) Packaging WT. CTN. (lbs.)
EVACV ML-WH-BR-BL-WB 12.18 x 17.75 x 4 10 x 10 x 3.25 Fits 3 and 4 Duct 6 Alum. 13.25
EVA-34 Black NA 10 x 10 x 3.25 Fits 3 and 4 Duct 12 6