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Vent Selector App

Lomanco is excited to announce the release of the Lomanco Vent Selector app for iOS and Android devices!

Lomamco App

Now available for download on the App Store and at Google Play, the Lomanco Vent Selector app allows you to calculate precisely how many Lomanco vents you need. Find intake and exhaust options, roof pitch, Whirlybird® base pitches, and more with this multifunctional app — and share your results with the simple tap of a button.

Lomamco App

Lomanco Vent Selector app features:

  • Ventilation Calculator
  • Ventilation Resources
  • Soffit Panel Tool
  • Whirlybird® Pitch Tool

Ventilation Calculator

Calculate the exact number of Lomanco intake and exhaust vents you need for a properly balanced ventilation system. Enter the square footage to be ventilated and choose from different Lomanco intake and exhaust ventilation options.

Ventilation Resources

Quickly view, download, or share the latest Lomanco instructions, specification sheets, product flyers, comparisons, videos, and more.

Soffit Panel Tool

Diagnose inadequate soffit ventilation and calculate how much soffit panel you need for a balanced ventilation system. Learn how many Lomanco vents you need for adequate soffit ventilation.

Whirlybird Pitch Tool

Calculate the pitch of a roof using your phone’s camera and learn the Whirlybird base number setting for proper Whirlybird installation. Save a photo with a roof’s pitch information directly to your phone.

Don’t wait - download the Lomanco Vent Selector app for for iOS and Android devices available now in the App Store and Google Play.